Rules of the Society


  • The management of the Society shall be vested in the Officers plus a Committee of up to four elected members of the Society.
  • An Annual General Meeting will be held for all the members of the Society. At the AGM, members will receive and approve the audited accounts, elect officers and members of the Committee and conduct such other business as may be appropriate for the effective management of the Society.


The Officers of the Society will be the:

    • Chairman - responsible for overseeing the management of the Society, protecting its long term health, ensuring that the Committee operates effectively and representing the interests of the Society with external organisations.
    • Vice-Chairman - responsible for providing support and guidance to the Chairman as appropriate.
    • Secretary - responsible for:
      • arranging Committee meetings and the AGM
      • ensuring that minutes are recorded and actions completed as appropriate
      • distributing regular communications to members outlining the Society's activities
      • handling correspondence received
      • arranging publicity as directed by the Committee
      • reviewing and approving membership applications
      • managing CLESO’s relationship with the IAO and other affiliated organisations.
      • completing the IAO annual return.
    • Treasurer - responsible for:
      • maintaining the accounts of the Society
      • providing advice to the Committee on the best use of CLESO's financial resources and the management of its funds
      • maintaining the Society's bank accounts and handling financial payments and receipts as appropriate
      • monitoring subscription payments and events receipts
  • All Officers will be elected annually at the AGM and shall be eligible for re-election. The Chairman shall be eligible for re-election for up to a maximum of three years continuously.
  • All Officers, except the Vice-Chairman, will give a report on their activity throughout the year to members at the AGM.


  • All members of the Committee will be elected or re-elected (as appropriate) annually at the AGM.
  • The Committee may fill any vacancy on the Committee occurring during the year. The co-opted member will remain in place until the Committee election at the following AGM.
  • At any meeting of the Committee, four members will be required to form a quorum.
  • Members of the Committee can also be nominated to fill the following roles:
    • Events secretary – responsible for overseeing the Society's events programme and liaising with venues/organisations as appropriate to deliver the programme.
    • Membership secretary - responsible for maintaining membership records, arranging initial welcome communications with new members, liaising with the IAO regarding the addition of new members
  • In cases of emergency, when it is not convenient or appropriate to call a Committee meeting, the Chairman may take executive action to protect the best interests of the Society. This includes the suspension of a Member whose conduct or participation places the Society or its Members at risk. In all cases where executive action is taken, a written record must be held by the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes of the following Committee meeting.


  • The Committee may appoint a President who will be someone of suitable standing to be a figurehead for the Society.


  • Any person who is interested in the organ and furthering the objectives of the Society may apply for membership.
  • Those wishing to apply for membership must complete an application form which is available from the Secretary or the CLESO website. The completed form should be sent to the Secretary or submitted online. The Secretary shall have the discretion to approve membership applications. If the Secretary wishes to refuse an application or is unsure about making a decision, he/she must refer the matter to the next Committee meeting.
  • Any person giving outstanding service to the Society can be honoured by election to honorary life membership. This election will take place at the AGM on the recommendation of the Committee. If a newly elected Life Member has joint membership of the Society, the second party is also granted honorary membership. Honorary members are not required to pay a subscription.


  • Every member is required to pay an annual subscription at a rate which will be agreed annually at the AGM. Rates will be set for three classes of membership: Individual, Joint, and Student. The subscription is payable on 1st January each year. Members who have failed to pay their subscription by 1st September, will be considered for removal from CLESO’s membership list by the Committee. The Committee will make the final decision to cancel memberships.
  • Applications for membership must include a payment covering the appropriate class of membership subscription in full. This will be refunded if the application is refused. For members whose application is received after October 1st, their subscriptions will cover the following year.


  • The Committee will agree the most appropriate financial services products and providers for the Society on the recommendation of the Treasurer.
  • The Treasurer and selected members of the Committee will be invited to be signatories for CLESO’s accounts. The banking mandate will be ‘any one to sign’. However, for the prudent management of CLESO’s financial affairs, any payment in excess of 100 must be pre-approved by the Committee or two of CLESO’s Officers. The budgets for all events will be agreed in advance by the Committee.
  • The official banking correspondence address will be that of the Treasurer. The Treasurer will also be nominated as CLESO’s ‘Primary User’ for online banking and therefore the only signatory able to access CLESO’s accounts using the bank’s internet banking service. 
  • An Independent Examiner will be appointed by the AGM to conduct an annual review of the Society's published accounts. The Independent Examiner must not be a member of the Committee.


  • In the event of the Society being wound up, any balance of monies after meeting liabilities shall be donated to any such charitable organisation as the Committee may determine.


  • The Committee shall have discretion to deal with any matters arising that are not covered by these Rules. Any amendment to these Rules must be approved by the AGM or a specially convened Extraordinary General Meeting.

June 2017 

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